ABB Technikerschule relies on ECOMAN

Used in various educational courses

The ABB Technikerschule is a dynamic vocational college (Höhere Fachschule HF) and offers Swiss federal recognised courses, together with professional further development, to ambitious business professionals with a technical and/or business education.

For many years, the ABB Technikerschule has used the ECOMAN business simulation in the following Swiss federal recognised courses: production, energy and system engineering, construction design, logistics and information science.

Business management skills are trained in a realistic and targeted manner. The students work in groups, taking pleasure in solving the problems and tasks of an enterprise in the management areas and thus expanding their foundation for professional success. The two-day ECOMAN seminar concludes with a presentation of the management game in groups. The high point of the seminar is shareholders' meeting, which is always held with great commitment and identification.

"For many years, we have been teaching in Swiss federal recognised courses using ECOMAN, with great success.“

Kurt Rubeli, Principal


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