Business simulation ECOREL - Economic aspects and welfare in international comparison


ECOREL (economic relations) enables the raising of awareness of macro-economic aspects as part of state welfare, taking into account international trade relationships.

In ECOREL, the economic instruments necessary for the best possible quality of life and the mechanisms of the economy and state are depicted so they can be directly experienced. This enables the groups of players in to gain basic insights into economic interconnections and aspects, as well as the reciprocal processes between two countries.

Your benefit

ECOREL enables the participants to:

  • see and experience basic relationships, which take place in economy.
  • understand the magic hexagon of economics (full employment, social equality, economic growth, environmental quality, positive trade balance and price stability).
  • deal with conflicting objectives and experience their importance.
  • work together in groups or as a team in a targeted and solution-oriented manner.

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ECOREL is a two-country model. The statistical foundation is based on realistic data from Switzerland and a country within the European Union. The participants assume various functions in different economic sectors (households, government, companies):

Landscape ECOREL

Target groups

The open and modular structure of ECOREL enables use at several different levels of requirement.


  • Managers at all levels in multinationally active companies
Administration departments/
Public bodies
  • Managers in administration departments, public bodies and political organisations with economic, internationally oriented responsibilities. Responsible persons in legislation, regulation and implementation of government tasks.

Universities /
Universities of Applied Sciences

  • To increase in-depth knowledge and application in the subject of Economics, and also to increase awareness in matters of international trade relations

Interesting results can be achieved with heterogeneously composed groups. ECOREL can be used in cross-boundary co-operation between business and administration or between different levels of management as an efficient means of team development training.

Options for use

ECOREL is a complex economic model where the different markets are created not by the course facilitator, but by the players. This makes ECOREL an open training system, making high demands on communication and negotiation techniques. Because of its bilateral two-state structure, ECOREL is ideally suited for training in economic, international trade relations.


Extensive and detailed reports are available within the groups as a foundation for action and as an aid to decision making:


For all groups    

Statistical Yearbook for ECOLAND


State budget

Equipment building AG

Annual report

Plant construction AG

Annual report

Private bank AG

Annual report

Course facilitators

Course facilitator report with budget report, summary of construction industry, food producers, other services, central bank, index sizes and decision records

Course development

Phase 1: Basic principles and strategy of governments and companies
Phase 2: Working out a common policy
Phase 3: Detailed concepts, programmes and decisions, simulation of 4-5 management game rounds


  • 2 to 5 days
  • As a rule, 4-5 management game rounds are played.
  • The time required can be adjusted by including/removing certain focal topics.

Teaching materials


  • Compact teaching materials

Course facilitators:

  • Compact course facilitation materials
  • Helpful downloads available in the login section


German, English (EuroPlan)